Neha Gautam Photography

Neha Gautam Photography

our founder.

It all started when, as a child, Crystal Hudson (she/her) and her mother went out to buy a birthday card for one of Crystal's friends. They found a card with the perfect sentiment and a photo of two young girls sitting side-by-side. But the girls on the card were white and she and her friend were both black. After searching in vain for a similar card with two girls who looked like them, Crystal's mother decided that if they couldn't find one, they would just have to make their own. So they bought the card and when they got home, her mother colored in the skin of the girls with a brown marker.

She didn't know the impact that moment would have on her until more than twenty years later when she couldn't find greeting cards that addressed the LGBTQ community, and thus decided to create her own. Crystal has set out to change the industry, one greeting card at a time -- and she gets it from her mama!

Crystal is a proud graduate of Spelman College and holds a Master's degree from The George Washington University School of Business. She lives in Brooklyn with her partner, Sasha.